CAS NO.: 545-06-2

  • Chemical nameChlorocyanohydrin、Cyanotrichloromethane、Trichloromethyl cyanide
  • Common nameChlorocyanohydrin、Cyanotrichloromethane、Trichloromethyl cyanide
  • Empirical formulaC2Cl3N
  • Molar mass144.39 
  • OdourHydrogen cyanide
  • Melting point-42 ℃
  • AppearanceColorless to slightly yellow liquid
  • Boiling point83-84 ℃
  • Density1.44
  • Structural formula

Thermally stable at ambient temperatures. Stable to U.V. light in liquid state, does not dissolve in water.

Technical demands
Purity 98.0% min.
Moisture 0.1%max.
Appearance Colorless to slightly yellow liquid
Packing and transport information
Packing: in 250kg Plastic drum 1FCL 20#=18mt with pallet
Transport: Hazard Class: 6.1 UN Number: 3276 Packing Group: II