Hydrobromic Acid

CAS NO.: 10035-10-6

Hydrobromic Acid (HBr), a strong acid in aqueous solution, is used as a source of bromine in industrial syntheses, including the production of alkyl and inorganic bromides. It is also used as a hydrobromination agent in a broad range of organic processes. Appearance - Clear, colorless to yellow liquid, slowly darkening on exposure to air and light.

  • Chemical nameHydrobromic Acid
  • Empirical formulaHBr 
  • Vapour pressure8 mm Hg at 25℃
  • Melting pointAppr. -63℃.
  • Boiling point / range126℃ 
  • ColorColorless to yellow liquid, turns dark on exposure to air and light

Stable under normal conditions. Sensitive to air and light. Materials to avoid : strong oxidizers and strong bases. Ammonia , ozone and fluorine.

Store in a dry, shaded, well ventilated area. Avoid breathing of vapor or any bodily contract.

Technical demands
Purity 47% min., 48%min.
Cl- 0.05% max., 0.01% max.
SO42- 0.001% max.
Appearance yellow liquid, Colorless liquid, turns dark on exposure to air and light
Packing and transport information
Packing: in 300kg per plastic drum 1FCL 20#=19.2mt with pallet
Transport:Class 8 UN No. 1788 Packing group:Ⅱ