Melamine Cyanurate

Melamine cyanurate (M C A) is a kind of salt synthesized from melamine and cyanuric acid, and belongs to nitrogen-containing flame retardant. Two types (powdered and granulated) of MCA can be supplied to meet the users’ requirements. When MCA decomposes ,It can liberate a large amount of inert gases to dilute oxygen and the fuel gases present at the point of combustion ,and absorb a large quantity of heat. In addition, MCA can accelerate the char-forming of the flame-retarded polymers. In this case, there are three type actions of flame retardant mechanisms.

    Product name: Melamine Cyanurate

    Product code: Phlamoon-108

    Molecular Weight: 255.2
    CAS: 37640-57-6

    Empirical formula : C6H9N9O3



White even granular

MCA Content%


Excess Melamine%


Excess Cyanuric Acid%


Loss on drying%


Particle Sized50),um



Melamine Cyanurate is a halogen-free flame retardant for polyamide. Melamine Cyanurate has established itself as the flame retardant of choice to achieve UL94 V-0 especially for unfilled polyamide 66. Some of its attributes include cost effectiveness, excellent electrical and mechanical properties ,colorability, Non-blooming, low smoke generation, and low corrosivity. It is also a safe material to use from a handling standpoint, as well as in fire situations in compounds, health, safety, and compatible with environment. A good balance between flame-retardant effectiveness and thermal stability of Melamine Cyanurate provides for easy processing at the compounding stage. 

Dose Recommended:

Recommended formulations for UL94 V-0 PA:

PA66 92%     MCA8%

PA6 90%            MCA 10%

It can be used in rubbers, nylon, epoxy resin, polyester, as well as lubricants and binders.

The formulations may differ from the recommended ones; the data above is only for reference.

Packing and transport information
Packing: In 15KG WPP bag with inner PE bag 1FCL 20#=9.6mt with pallet
Transport: General chemicals
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