Ferric Chloride Solution

Thermally stable at ambient temperatures, and with strong corrosion.

    • Chemical nameFerric trichloride
    • Common nameFerric Chloride
    • Empirical formulaFeCl3
    • Molar mass 162.21
    • OdourPungent odor
    • AppearanceBrown Liquid
Technical demands
Purity 41%min. 38%min.
Ferrous Salt as FeCl2 0.3%max. 0.4%max.
Free Acid as HCI 0.4%max. 0.5%max.
Insoluble substance 0.5%max. 0.5%max.
Specific Gravity 25°℃ 1.42-1.46 1.40-1.44
Appearance Brown Liquid Brown Liquid

Ferric Chloride is in wide demand in the market due to its multiple uses in several industrial applications. Our Ferric Chloride is widely used in used in sewage treatment and drinking water production, used as a leaching agent in chloride hydrometallurgy, used as catalyst for the reaction of ethylene with chlorine, forming ethylene dichloride.

Packing and transport information

Packing type



ISO Tank

N.W. per packing


1450 kg


UN number: 2582 Class: 8 Packing: Ⅲ
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Ferric Chloride Solution